Jersey Shore star Mike, The "Situation" Sorrentino will be released from jail this Thursday, September 12th, according to Radar Online.

He has spent the last 8 months at the Otisville Correctional Institution serving a tax evasion sentence. He turned himself in on January 15th.

Here's how his release will go down. He'll have to fill out paperwork, turn in his jail clothes (I'm sure he'll be happy to get rid of those), and more.

A spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prison told Radar Online "the process doesn’t take long and that he will be released during normal business hours." I'm sure his wife, Lauren, will be waiting on the outside for him, with the car in drive.

He's not completely off the hook yet, though. He'll still have 2 years of "supervised release" and 500 hours of community service.

I'm rooting for him. It seems as if he's learned his lesson, and turned his life around.

I'm hearing there's a big ole' welcome home party being planned by his Jersey Shore housemates.





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