Before I started working at PST, I grew up in Middlesex Borough, and my local baseball team was the Somerset Patriots. Now things have changed and I live in Mercer County, so now we root for the Trenton Thunder, but being that most of my family still lives in Middlesex County, I still find myself going to some Patriots games.

It's a beautiful ballpark and according to My Central Jersey, it's getting an upgrade. Yesterday, at a 20th celebration of the Somerset Patriots, a chairman announced that the next 20 years of the Patriots are going to be bringing some new and good changes and one of them is an upgrade to TD Bank Ballpark. There are talks to put in a ferris wheel, a fun zone and a bar area. The upgrade is said to give Patriots fans and players the experience they deserve.

The Patriots have had much success as a team and chairmen believe that with the upgrades to the ballpark, they'll be even more successful.

You can see some plans for the ballpark here.

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