The Summer Youth Employment Program in Princeton is now hiring for summer jobs.

Many teens look for something to do during the summer besides hanging out with friends, going on vacation, and going swimming.

To be honest, I joined a similar program in my hometown as a teen and it was a great resume builder and seriously, what teen wouldn't want to make some extra cash during their time off from school.

With Princeton's annual Summer Youth Program, teens have the opportunity to work in different departments throughout the Princeton municipality and other local non-profits. So if you live in the area this might be something cool to do.

Basically you have to live in Princeton or go to Princeton High School and you have to be between 14-18 years old to qualify for the program.

The program runs for 8 weeks during the summer. Teens will work 25 hours per week and earn $8.85/hour.

But wait, there is a catch...

According to, not only do the teens have to live in Princeton or attend Princeton HS, "but their family income must not exceed 400 percent of the 2018 US federal poverty level".

The application deadline is May 3rd and forms are available here.

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