Shake Shake has announced a secret 'Game of Thrones' menu which is available nationwide today.

Yes ... all your wildest dreams have come true. Shake Shack X Game of Thrones is now a thing. Now we all can do it #ForTheThrone.

I hope you've been practicing your Valyrian (which is the language they use in the show, FYI) because you'll need it to order.

How fun!

The items that are featured on the menu are 'The Dracarys Burger' and 'The Dragonglass Shake'. Check out the menu in depth here.

The Dragonless Shake is available everywhere, however you might have to take a drive to Philly for the Dracarys Burger.

The chain launched this menu obviously to celebrate the HBO series 8th season which hits your small screen in just a few days.

Honestly, every where I've been going all I hear is how much people are pumped about the new season ... so there's no doubt in my mind this secret menu is going to be super popular.

The menu will be available through May 19th.


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