I'm a big fan of trendy foods and desserts. So this morning, I was introduced to a cool new cheesesteak that's available in Philly. I saw it on This Is Philly's Instagram page. It's a Polish cheesesteak that's only sold at Gaul & Co. Malt House in Port Richmond. I love it already and haven't even tasted it yet, but it's because of it's creative name, the Wit or Witowski. I love that it's a play on "wit or witout" when it comes to ordering a cheesesteak!

Here's what makes the Wit or Witowski different, but very similar to a classic Philly cheesesteak: it's made with shredded kielbasa. Then, of course, it comes with fried onions, and it's topped with cheese sauce.

Check out the video below to see the other ways you can order the Wit or Witowski and to learn more about it.

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