The Patch reports, the Moorestown Mall Vaccination Site has a sensory room for those who have special needs and are sensitive to certain environments. This room is a nice a quiet place for those who are receiving the vaccine, but cannot be around others or loud noises for periods of time. These rooms take away some of the stresses that people with special needs can experience when they leave their own homes. This way, whoever is eligible for the vaccine is able to get it in a very calm and somewhat stress free environment.Many who have tried the sensory room have really enjoyed it and aides and family members think it is a great idea.

The mega site has some tips for those with special needs and disabilities like dementia and PTSD who are coming to receive the vaccination and more information about the Sensory Room here. Vaccinations at this site are by appointment only.

My cousin Kelly has special needs and she is quite the character. She's outgoing, loves baseball and loves to dance. Unfortunately, Kelly came down with COVID a few months ago and was required to be on oxygen. She has recovered, but I know she is anxiously waiting to get the vaccine. I believe they told her 90 days after she had recovered or tested negative for the virus, but I know they were going to talk to her doctors the last time I spoke with her. Kelly does not have sensory issues, but a lot of her friends that I've met do. They can't be around loud noises and a few of them wear headphones to muffle sounds that some of us would find totally normal. Sensory rooms provide comfort for people like this, and especially because most of them if not all are eligible for the vaccine, the sensory room in Moorestown a great way to give them their shots and make them feel comfortable.

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