The Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty, has become a national phenomenon. He was on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and since he's so popular we'll definitely be seeing a lot of Gritty costumes this Halloween. Gritty's popularity hasn't stopped just there. Now Gritty inspired food is being created in his honor. First I read about a Gritty sandwich that's being sold at pub in Philly and recently I saw that there's a new dessert too.

Big Gay Ice Cream in Philadelphia has a new item on their menu for a limited time and it's the "Gritty Puckster." I like the idea that they made it look like a hockey puck!

If you're wondering how they captured Gritty's signature orange glow, well get ready to find out the ingredients: it's Doritos-flavored ice cream, between two chocolate cookies that are then rolled in crushed Doritos.

I've never tried cheese-flavored ice cream before, but I would be curious to taste it before it disappears.

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