Gritty has been the talk of town since making his debut recently. Now let me continue the conversation by telling you about the sandwich named after him, The Gritty.

You can order it at Urban Saloon in Philadelphia, and I can't tell if it's disgusting or delicious. The creators of the sandwich were definitely inspired by the color orange.

I like cheese and the sandwich seems to be a cheese lover's dream, but did they take it too far? Could it possibly be disgustingly delicious? You can be the judge after you see what the sandwich consists of:

- A Cheeto crusted chicken breast

- Cheddar cheese

- Cheddar ranch

- Topped with Flamin' Hot Cheetos

- On a toasted brioche roll

I'm not going to lie here...I think I would try it. It reminds me of a fat sandwich that you'd get from the grease trucks at Rutgers University.

Read more about The Gritty here



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