Since the spread of COVID-19, the CDC has been stressing many things like social distancing, self quarantining yourself if you have symptoms or are sick, and washing your hands. At PST we've been spraying and disinfecting EVERYTHING. I try to get every little surface. There is one place I didn't think to disinfect until this morning, and that is my car. I tried not to freak out though and according to the vehicle valuation website, Kelley Blue Book, it's simple to disinfect.

They say to disinfect your car with disinfecting wipes and not with any kind of bleach or peroxide, that will damage the interior of your car. They say to obviously wipe down everything you touch, especially your steering wheel. But they say to just really pay attention to everything. If you have fabric in your car and not leather seats, I even recommend  spraying those with disinfecting spray. That's what I do at the radio station cuz you never know.

Right now, everything you touch to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Like I wrote earlier, I never thought to disinfect my car, but now I will. For more details and to read more about disinfecting your car, click here.

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