Is your dog’s name super basic? I feel like everyone thinks their dog’s name is super unique until they see lists like these.

Stacker just released the most popular and common dog names of dogs from New Jersey and I have to say, it’s not all that shocking!

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When I first found the list, I guessed the most popular dog name because It’s a female dog name that I’ve been seeing a whole lot over the past few years.

Stacker released this long list of the most popular dog names in every state, and the list for New Jersey is pretty lengthy.

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The list has each name ranked in order from the least to most popular, but only the top 50 most common dog names are on here. So if you’re dog’s name didn’t make this list, congrats! You must have a super original dog name!

Some honorable mentions within the top 50 (to me personally) were Tucker at #36, Bentley at #24, and Toby at #15. I’ve met multiple dogs with these names, so I can totally understand why they made the list.

The 5th most common dog name in NJ is Coco, followed by Charlie at #4.


Coming in at #3 is Max and then the runner-up at #2 on the list was Luna. I’m sure you’ve met a few dogs with at least one of those names!

The dog name that is the most common in New Jersey that came in at #1 was Bella. If your pup’s name is Bella, this list is saying about 5% of the dogs in New Jersey are named that as well! 

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