If you haven’t heard yet, Wawa celebrated its 58th birthday today, and I seriously can’t express how thankful I am. Wawa has time and time again proved itself to be at the top of the gas station game.

Today they had a deal everyone got free coffee all day long today to celebrate the big day. Wawa originally opened on April 14, 1964, and I would like to argue that the world hasn’t been the same since.

The first location that opened 58 years ago today was opened in Folson, PA, which is in Delaware County. Nowadays, Wawas are on almost every corner possible. In Mercer County alone there are 17 locations to choose from. Also, our state of New Jersey is home to 28% of all Wawa locations in total.

That equals 273 locations throughout the state. Pennsylvania  Personally, when chiming in on the debate about the best gas station food Wawa has to take the cake.

Between the made-to-order hoagies, the buffalo bites, and the huge selection of Tasty Cakes you kind find in literally every location, there really is something for everyone in that store.

Recently, the gas station’s menu has been stepping it up with the made-to-order touch screen menu and what they offer on it. They expanded the menu a few months ago with their pasta bowls, burgers, and fries.

The sauces that you can get on the pasta bowls are Penne or fettuccine pasta with Alfredo, marinara, or Bolognese. Kind of a weird item to find on the menu, but people haven’t really had bad things to say about them online.

Also within the past two weeks, Wawa has been testing out their new pizza. When I say pizza, I don’t mean personal pizza. They’re looking into selling 16-inch pizzas at their locations if the response to the new item is positive.

All of these new additions and milestones got me thinking if everyone orders the same things. What are the foods some people can’t live without at Wawa? I reached out to the people of Facebook to see what their go-to orders are.

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