We all know there's some underage drinking going on in New Jersey. Heck, its going on EVERYWHERE. But it seems like it especially is common at colleges. Lets be honest, college kids love to turn up. They love to party and cops love to bust them for it.

I've been to one too many parties that have been shut down by the police.

Well get this. According to the NJ Advance media and a review the did of campus crimes, IN 2017 alone there were 2,628 people either arrested or referred to campus officials for discipline for alcohol violations at New Jersey's four-year colleges and universities. That number is a 11 percent increase when it comes to alcohol related incidents than the previous year. And apparently the number is only rising .

Check out the schools with the top alcohol-related arrests. This may be surprising to you.

  • Rowan University (100 arrests, 387 referrals for discipline)
  • The College of New Jersey (74 arrests, 271 referrals for discipline)
  • Stockton University (arrests 1, 221 referrals for discipline)

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