Everyone applies sunscreen on themselves when they step outside, but have you ever thought about applying sunscreen on your dog? NBC Philadelphia reported that your dogs are actually at risk for sunburn too.  Applying sunscreen on their ears, belly, and nose can help keep them protected from the sun. Very interesting, isn't it?

Did you know giving your doggy a new fur-do can help them from having a heat stroke? Well, according to BHG.com that is actually a thing. Better homes and Gardens provided some additional tips to keep your dogs protected from the heat.

• Feel the pavement before walking your dog. If the concrete feels hot, splash water onto your dogs paws to protect their feet from burning.

• Have a pool party for your dog! When dogs are left outside for hours in the sun they need a place to cool off. Invite some of their furry friends over and let them play in a kiddie pool.

• Ditch your traditional dog toys and try an ice cube fetch with your dog. Having an ice cube fetch outside can keep them hydrated while they are running around.

• Make your dog some ice cream. Humans aren’t the only people who like a cold treat in the heat. Find a dog safe recipe for ice cream online and let your dog enjoy.

Let's met make sure our furry friends stay cool.

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