Did you know you can lease a pet in New Jersey? That is news to a lot of us! Don't get used to it since it'll likely become illegal.

Now, if you are asking, "Where have I been this whole time? I didn't know about pet leasing." Well, just so you know, it hasn't been around for too long. California, New York, and Nevada have actually banned this pet leasing trend. New Jersey can be the next to ban pet leasing if a bill endorsed by an Assembly committee makes it into law.

If it has crossed your mind that pet leasing sounds like it can be similar to leasing a car, you aren’t really wrong. Brian Hackett, New Jersey state director for the Humane Society of the United States, told  NJ 101.5, “If you don’t pay your car payment, they can repossess your car. Believe it or not, some of these leases you can repossess an animal."

Happy time with pet.
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What many people that lease pets don't understand is that this can be a lot more expensive than actually buying the animals or adopting them.

It sounds a little strange to lease a pet. You get so attached to the animal, it becomes part of the family and then you have to return it. You'd be giving up your best friend.

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