It’s about that time of the year for the annual #WhyILikeTrenton contest. Starting on April 1 and wrapping up on April 30, this photo contest will be running throughout the entire month of April. 

The official contest is run by Trenton Health Team, to promote not only finding beauty within the city, but showcasing local photographers as well. 

This all started back in 2019 when #WhyILikeTrenton first started trending on social media. Trenton Health Team started this as a way for residents to be prideful of the city they live in, while also highlighting local photographers in the area and providing them with some exposure within their own community. 

This is for sure a great chance to not only use social media in a positive way but to bring the community together.

If you’re interested in the vibe of this contest but aren’t exactly the best photographer, you’ll still have a chance to get in on the action! Sometime during the month of July, an exhibit is planned to open at the Starbucks located at 102 S. Warren St., Trenton, NJ. 

The winners of this contest will be announced in early May after a panel of judges reviews the entries. Awards for first place and “most likes” will get a $100 gift card, second place gets $75 and third place will get a $50 gift card. 

If you’re a local photographer in the area who’s looking to get some exposure online while showing some hometown pride, make sure to #WhyILikeTrenton22 all April long.

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