Well look at that! New Jersey's best place to live is this small town called Haddonfield. Haddonfield is located in Camden County.

According to NJ.com Haddinfield is named the best place to live in NJ due to high economic stability of the borough. It is "one of the most economically prosperous places in New Jersey.”

On 247WallSt.com it is said that poverty is something that the Garden State doesn't suffer from so much as it only has 10.9% poverty rate throughout the whole state. Haddonfield has only 2.9% in its town. If you think about it, that is fairly low with a population of a little over 11,000.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Being that Haddonfield is one the most economically stabled places in New Jersey, and pretty much the whole country, it is only right to share that more homes in the town bring in a salary of over $135k.

In 247WallSt.com words, that is "nearly $62,000 more than the typical New Jersey household".

Funny thing about all of this is that the population has actually dropped in the last 5 years. "5 yr. population change: -1.3%" - 247WallSt.com

If you can afford a new house that is valued at close to half of a million, by all means please do move to Haddonfield, NJ.

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