New Jersey residents are deciding to make the big move and leave the Garden State. Hmmm! Why is that? Is it because you have to pay to hangout by the beach? High taxes? Or, as some may say, there is nothing to do? We know for a fact wherever they go they will have to pump their own gas . . . hope you know how.

On a serious note over 66% of New Jersey residents decided to leave the state throughout 2018. Another to note is that most of the Garden State residents that decided to leave are of the age 55 and older.

NJ Turnpike
Credit: Tashka

The big move was mainly made by folks that were already retired and ready for warmer weather out west or down south.

New Jersey was followed by Illinois, Connecticut, New York and Kansas as the states with most outbound moves. Just FYI Vermont had the most inbound moves than any other state.

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