There is one type of food that you just should not mess up and that is Chinese food. It is either made right or wrong. There is no in-between. One bad experience with Chinese food is enough to turn you off for a while. At least for me. Chinese food is one of my favorite meals and it upsets me when it isn't done the way it should be.

Chain restaurants like Panda Express are good place holder. but if you want real Chinese food you have to go somewhere local. There are countless restaurants in Jersey that you can go to and pick up a decent meal. However, there can only be one place that is crowned as "the best." And the best happens to be right here in Central Jersey. recently conducted a survey where they listed the best Chinese restaurants in all 50 states. According to NJ.comSzechuan House in Hamilton was named the best of the best when it comes to Jersey Chinese food.

Never been there? The small restaurant is located at 2022 Nottingham Way in Hamilton Township. They are open every single day from 11 am until 9 pm. The restaurant is very cozy, quaint, and inviting. What makes it so unique is that it is set up in a traditional way that is filled with native artifacts & furnishings.

And I'm sure it goes without saying that every single dish on the menu is to die for. According to their website, people travel from all over the east coast just to dine at Szechuan House.

Check out their menu here.

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