Wow. This is a big deal. The diner that's been named the "Best in America" by TimeOut is right here in New Jersey.

It makes sense. New Jersey is known for its fabulous diners. TimeOut calls New Jersey the "Land of Diners." They're in every town and they're so good. You can't say you're from New Jersey without having a favorite diner...or maybe a few favorites.

The Best Diner in America is...drum roll please...Tops Diner in East Newark.


Have you ever been there? It's officially on my Jersey bucket list now.

What's your go-to diner order? Mine is a short stack of pancakes with a heaping scoop of butter on top and a side order of pork roll (yes, it's called pork roll) or extra crispy bacon. Yummm.

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I love dipping the pork roll and bacon right in the syrup. There's something about diner syrup that always tastes better than the kind you have at home, right?

Doesn't this look good?

This is making me hungry. I want to


TimeOut named Top #1 in the country because of its retro diner feel (it's been open since 1972), a awesome kitchen staff cranking out the best food around like the Fatty Melt. Do you know what that is? It's a hamburger in between two grilled cheeses sandwiches and topped with pickles and bacon. Omg. I'm definitely ordering that.

Check out Tops Diner menus here. Trust me, you'll be taking a road trip soon. Everything sounds amazing.

If you're popping Tops Diner into Waze right now, trying to figure out how long it's going to take you to get there, it's located at 500 Passaic Avenue, Harrison, NJ.

It's open 7 days a week from 8am - 11pm.

For the rest of the Best Diners in America list, click here.

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