In today's music, you will notice that so many genres are crossing over. Country singers with Popstars, rappers with Spanish singers, and many others. Let's be real here, a lot of those crossovers have been genius ideas. Some tracks have become huge hits.

Going through Twitter we ran into Ali Spagnola, a musician and YouTuber. Spagnola decided it would be a great idea to recreate the hit song by Olivia Rodrigo "Drivers License." The way Spagnola flipped the Drivers License song was insane. On her YouTube it says, "What if Olivia Rodrigo's "Drivers License" was by Blink-182?"

The YouTuber mentions in the video that she decided to "turn Olivia Rodrigo's creation into something she never wanted.” She continued to say, "a punk song that sounds like its performs by naked dudes."

Spagnola teamed up with Alex Melton to "ENBLINKIFY" the Drivers License song. Melton has recreated Blink-182 songs before and Spagnola thought it would be perfect to team up with him.

During the video Spagnola with her "jealous-self" in a very funny way jabs at how young Olivia Rodrigo is but continues to make 'Drivers License' into a Blink-182. She shows that she has to get her new drivers license like the pop star.
In the vocal created by Alex Melton, he gives 'Drivers License' the unique Blink-182 sound. In the YouTube video, he said, "Today I come to you as a 31 year old male trying to sound like a 48 male, singing lyrics from a teenager about getting their driver's license." That sounds like an insane task but Spagnola and Melton made it happen and it sounds great.

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