It is THEE most wonderful time of the year. Please bring on all the holiday celebrations, family time, shopping, holiday baking and of course Christmas movies! A recent survey that was conducted by House Method surveyed 4,500 Americans and asked what their favorite holiday movie is to watch this time of the year. The popular home product research company found that for New Jerseyans the top movie is ... drum roll please… “A Christmas Story”!

This movie was made in 1983 and it is known as a classic.  I personally think that Elf should have won because I think everybody is constantly watching that movie and it is an all time favorite! Do not get me wrong, I do like the movie “A Christmas Story”, but I am just shocked that it is the top watched movie in New Jersey. Just because of this survey I am going to go home and watch this movie again. I need to check out what all of this hype is about.

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