This holiday season, the more Christmas spirit we can muster, the better. Who better to turn to for some Christmas spirit inspo than Buddy the Elf?

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Yep, that 'Elf'.

Buddy epitomizes Christmas cheer. Let's be honest with ourselves, we could use A LOT of it this year. 2020's been rough to say the absolute LEAST. If you feel like your family could use more Buddy in your life, then your own little internal Christmas elf will be thrilled to hear about yet another 'Elf'-inspired hotel room that's capturing everyone's attention. Honestly, it looks PHENOMENAL.

The hotel is located in Michigan and is filled with everything you need to have a night that's both merry and bright. First of all, the room is a suite. Second, the room itself is decked out in all things Buddy topped off with all the Christmas sweets your taste buds and stomach can handle. CNN reports that the fun kicks off as soon as you arrive when you'll be given all the sweets Buddy includes in his "four main food groups".

While nobody can say no to all the sweet treat goodness that awaits all who choose to indulge in this experience, the best aspect of the entire night will no doubt be your chance to bask in the amazing Christmas decor that looks like it's been hand-selected by Buddy the Elf himself. It's as if he designed it from the North Pole and transported it to the hotel suite in Santa's sleigh.

It's the ULTIMATE 'Elf' experience.


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