TikTok and Instagram are always the home to finding out the best life hacks and secret locations that you didn’t even know existed.

I swear while I scroll through my For You Page for hours every day, I always find out about the coolest things that are going on in the area at the time and I think I stumbled across the cutest Christmas street in NJ!

This video shows a highlight reel of all of the cutest houses on this street in Cranford, New Jersey, and I feel like everyone needs to make the ride there this holiday season. Apparently, this street has been a hot spot for holiday decorations for years, according to NJ.com.

They wrote about their annual displays back in 2020 and of course, the neighborhood is back in action for the 2022 season!

This neighborhood gets a lot of recognition during the holiday season because it’s said that all 38 houses on this street decorate for the holidays and people from all over the area travel to take a stroll to check it all out.

If you’re going to take a ride to the Cranford area, the street you’re looking for is John Street, and I’m sure you’ll be able to see the lights from a mile away.

You can drive your car slowly down the street or even park and take a nice stroll if you want. Either way, you have to make a pit stop this year and check out John Street this holiday season!

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