New Jersey’s oldest building is also one of the oldest log cabins in the United States! The Nothnagle Cabin, located in Greenwich Township New Jersey was built by Finnish settlers between 1638 and 1643 and put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, according to

Nothnagle Cabin can be found across the street from modern homes and next to the new school and library, making it stick out like a sore thumb. It’s caretakers, Harry and Doris Rink have been looking after Nothnagle for decades and make any repairs needed by hand using clay dug up from a Salem County Farm, says. Doris Rink has said that she has found milk bottle stoppers in the original part of the cabin which leads us to believe that the cabin was once used for making dairy products.


If you ever want to visit this historic building, go to 406 Swedesboro Road, Gibbstown, NJ and call 856-423-0916. All visits are free and the Rinks are happy to give tours to anyone who wants to learn more about this cabin and its creators. The Rinks have even hosted a tour at 2:00 am one time when a tour bus heading from New England to Florida made a detour to drive by the historic structure!

Doris told, “All of [your] history books in school begin with the Revolutionary War. This is the 17th century. It's before the history books. When people come here they walk away with more.”

So when you get the chance, you and the fam should go check out this amazing part og our history!


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