If you enjoy your weekly cry watching NBC's hit series, This Is Us, consider yourself warned: the show may end sooner than you were expecting to say goodbye to the Pearson family.

The series, which is currently in its third season, is likely to end after the 6th season, according a report from Deadline.com. Showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Dan Fogleman shared the revelations in the interview with the publication.

The finale is planned for "about three seasons in the future," Aptaker tells Deadline. Apparently, Fogleman and Aptaker have had a very specific vision for the show's finale, and apparently, all of the show's writers and actors are clued into that vision.

As we've come to expect, they're all really good at keeping secrets about the show, so don't expect any secrets to be revealed before season 6.

Worried that the goodbye to the series will be unrewarding? The showrunners are calling their plans for the finale "elegant" and "satisfying."

This Is Us airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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