If you had any doubt that we are living in the future, wonder no more.

Introducing the epitome of human advancement: vending machine burgers!!

Say hello to RoboBurger, the world's first burger vending machine at the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City. Before you panic, this is NOT a machine where packaged pre-made burgers sit in a box all day waiting to plop down into your hands. Ew. That would be gross. Even if they're refrigerated, nobody wants a cold burger!

This is more advanced than that. RoboBurgers are made-to-order, by the machine, right in front of your eyes, according to NorthJersey.com. The concept is simple: Mall visitors can walk up to the machine's glossy touch-screen and customize their order - similarly to the way you order your favorite Wawa hoagie. Once you pick your condiments, the burger is made in about six minutes (with NO human help!) and you can pay using your card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, reports say.

What's even more impressive is the beef is "100% Angus pasture-raised Pat LaFrieda beef that rests on a potato bun toasted to order," and the cheese is aged cheddar. Ok, yum! Each burger is $7, which you may think is a little pricey considering how basic the burgers are... but it's the experience, right??

Actually, this isn't a totally new concept. Pizza vending machines have been popping up and gaining popularity all over the country - and most of them actually look pretty good!

If you want an idea of what the outcome is, check out this video review by CNET:

This is the exact kind of thing you could have seen in Back to the Future when they were depicting what life might look like today.

Would be willing to give RoboBurger a try? Let us know.

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