I didn't grow up in New Jersey, but I've lived in the state for most of my adult life and up until I recently, I had never heard of Action Park.

According to history.com, Action Park was an amusement park located in Sussex County, in the town of Vernon, NJ.  The park was open from 1978-1996 and in that time, it was responsible for 6 deaths.

History.com says that Action Park's founder and CEO, Gene Mulvihill, believed that "amusement park visitors should be in control of their experience."  Mulvihill wanted visitors to be able to decide things like how fast or how high rides would go.

One of the park's most dangerous rides was called the Alpine Slide, which history.com says was responsible for the death of a 19-yard old employee, as well as numerous other injuries.  The Alpine Slide "featured a long, cement-and-fiberglass-filled track that visitors rode down in a wheeled device."


History.com says that 3 visitors drowned in Action Park's Tidal Wave Pool and another person died when they were electrocuted after falling out of a kayak ride.

In 2018, Jackass star Johnny Knoxville starred in a fictional movie based on the park called Action Point.


Now, a new documentary about Action Park is set to be released.  It's called Class Action Park.  For more info about the documentary, click here.

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