UPDATE: The star from the original Alien film series, Sigourney Weaver, recently sent a special message to the students, teachers, and crew of North Bergen High School who did their own stage version of the iconic movie.

The actress said she was very impressed by the stage production that they put on. NJ.com even noticed that Sigourney passes on compliments from James Cameron and the original screenwriter, Walter Hill.

She closed the video message by giving them a warning about the Xenomorph because she's dealt with the aliens before. She cautioned them that the alien may still be lurking around in the hallways of the school. She advised that they should open their lockers slowly just in case the alien decides to surprise them.

Watch her video message above and read more about it here.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

ORIGINAL STORY: This NJ High School Stuns Audience With Alien Play - 3/25/19

North Bergen High School's spring production was not your typical high school musical because they chose to perform a stage version of the classic Ridley Scott film, Alien.

The Verge reported that North Bergen High School’s drama club wowed audiences. From their set designs, costumes, and the fact that they were able to bring an actual alien Xenomorph on stage with such great detail for a school producton. This play seems bigger than your average local stage play because the school even put together a trailer for it (which you can watch below).

New 12 New Jersey even filmed a segment with the creative team of students behind the Alien production that went viral. The reporter spoke with the play's art director, Steven Defendini, who said that he and the students designed the set and props from recycled and repurposed materials.

The school play was only supposed to be a limited engagement, the original run was March 19th and 22nd, but the school's superintendent, George Solter, recently made a big announcement. Their production of Alien became so popular that they plan on extending it and will have more performances scheduled in the near future.

See pictures and read the full story here.

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