This beer company in Philly thought it would be a cool idea to celebrate shark week with a specialty beer.

Evil Genius Beer Company has seriously proven that their actually geniuses with their latest concoction.

They have decided to release a 'Baby Shark' inspired beer in honor of shark week.

According to, "Evil Genius, known for giving its brews totally wacky names, created a hazy pale ale using the trendy Mosaic hop called Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo."

Very creative if you ask me.

That song was super viral so I'm pretty sure that whoever is ordering it will break out in the infamous Baby Shark theme song.

Oh and if your not familiar with it. Let me help you get it going on repeat in your brain.

Listen below.

It's a classic if you ask me.

Any who, this beer is the perfect addition for all my shark lovers out there this week, so I advise not to miss out on this.



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