Remember when Baby Shark went viral this year? Well, now there’s a new holiday spin on the iconic song.

Didn’t know about that track? Well, I actually remember singing this song back when I was a girl scout. Seriously! We sang it at girl scout camp. So when I heard about this annoying “Baby Shark” song, I didn't think it was the same one, but sure enough, it is. If you haven't heard of 'Baby Shark' yet, you're in luck, because the video is below. I don't have kids yet, so I find it extremely annoying still:

Okay, so now that “Baby Shark” is stuck in your head, who is down for another festive version of the “Baby Shark” song? “Santa Shark” along with his “Elf Sharks” and “Reindeer Sharks” swim all over the ocean. They make toys, wrap them up and load the sleigh to deliver them for Christmas:

Again, I don't have a child yet, so maybe kids go nuts for this song. But if they wanna hear it over and over again, I can see it driving their parents crazy. I think a lot of little kids are going to be getting headphones for Christmas as a result of this, right?

Plus, who knows what kind of shark they'll think of next: Easter Shark? St. Patrick's Shark?

Either way, it looks like the shark song craze is not going away anytime soon.

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