Benna’s Café, a South Philly coffee house on the corner of Eighth and Wharton, has been around for nearly 15 years and still maintains its small, spunky vibe.  But this business started up by entrepreneur Nancy Trachtenberg is serving up more than just a delicious brew and pastries – love is also on the menu.

Trachtenberg says that the café has kept its loyal customers caffeinated but has also been the matchmaker for at least four couples.  Although the owner speculates that there are probably more hook-ups that happened in Benna’s than she knows of.

In 2005, Trachtenberg introduced Mickey Pascarella, a real estate agent that frequented the café, to his future wife, former Daily News staffer Lauren McCutcheon.    Trachtenberg had told Pascarella, “I know somebody equally as good-looking as you, and you’re both very funny people.” They were married in 2011 and have a 7-year-old together.

The café owner has brought together three other couples over the years – some love at first meet and others found love later on. So if you're looking for love this February, you might find your forver partner at Benna's Cafe.

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