One of the best themed bars in Philadelphia, PA is back in business tomorrow just in time for the Halloween season! I’ve seen so many posts about this place over the last few years and it’s always themed for Halloween and Christmas time.

The pop-up bar is called Nightmare Before Tinsel and this is the business's 4th year in business. According to, the bar has undergone some renovations over the off months in preparation for this season ad the space is completely decked out with fresh decor.


The spot has all new life-size fantasy and horror figures for this Halloween season that are brand new. There are also a few staple decorations that had to make the cut again for this season like the fan favorite scary baby decorations, but if you’re a recurring customer of Nightmare Before Tinsel, there are a few new decorations to be on the lookout for.

Some include zombie versions of Gritty and the Phanatic, a smoking dragon, and more that you’ll just have to wait and see. Also, there are specialty cocktails available that are perfect if you’re a Halloween freak like me.


The Overlook looks the best to me, which is Jameson, Cinnamon Simple Syrup, and Apple Cider. All of the drinks have a Halloween theme and range anywhere from $6 to $18.

Nightmare Before Tinsel officially opens tomorrow, Thursday, September 15. The bar will be open Monday - Thursday from 4 pm to midnight, Friday from 4 pm until 2 am, Saturday from 2 pm until 2 am, and Sunday from 2 pm until midnight.

It will stay open for the 6 weeks leading up to Halloween and afterward will transition into its Christmas theme, so if you want to catch it while it’s open make plans now!

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