Have you ever sent your friend money through Venmo or Cashapp to cover one of their drinks and they don't take the money. It is frustrating, isn't it? You are just trying to look out for a friend. 

According to 6abc, there is an app that you can actually purchase your friend or family member a drink from wherever you are in the Philadelphia area. Now that sounds pretty cool. 

We learned that the app is called BruYou. That is pretty clever. It was stated on 6abc that BruYou does not have many partners just yet but a bar that has teamed up with the app creators is a bar in West Chester called Kildare's Irish Pub. The pub was actually one of the first to team up with BruYou. 

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6abc made it known that in the City of Brotherly Love a total of 10 bars are partnered with BruYou. With BruYou, if you know the bar that your friends are at but you can't make it you can order a drink for them and even leave a tip for the bartender. The bar employees told 6abc that this is another great way to make money while bars and restaurants have restrictions with occupancy. 

Ryan Perri and Nick Mingone are the guys that were enjoying some drinks when they came up with the idea, according to 6abc. 

It was mentioned on 6abc that the app is a contact-less pay and it allows you to pick anyone from your contact list that syncs with the app. 

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