A few weeks ago, we told you about this year's most popular Halloween costumes and now, we've got some of the best "pet" costume ideas for 2018.

GoodHousekeeping.com recently posted a gallery of the 34 of the best costumes for dogs and cats.  Some are your basics --- Superman, a cowboy, an angel and a devil --- but my favorites are the ones that are designed for specific breeds.

For example, a hot dog costume is perfect for a Dachshund and a king outfit is just right for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  If you have a Dalmatian, isn't a fireman a great choice?  How about dressing up your Bloodhound or Basset Hound up as Sherlock Holmes?

Ad a mane to a Yellow Lab or Golden Retriever and you've got a really convincing looking lion.  And my favorite idea is putting a Ty tag around your small dog or cat's neck and calling them a Ty Beanie Baby.

To check out pics of all of these, plus, more ideas, click here.

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