The big day is almost here! In fact, today was Tiffany's last show with us before she takes time off for her upcoming wedding.

So, naturally, Chris, Dave, and Adam wanted to have a little fun to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. So we invited Tiffany's fiance, Matt, into the studio this morning for a special game we called The Nearly-Wed Game.

For the first part of our game: we sent Tiffany out of the room, and we asked Matt some questions about the bride-to-be. Was Tiffany able to match his answers when she came back into the studio? Find out here:

Meanwhile, the fun didn't end there. In fact, it got even more fun when we sent Matt out of the studio for a little bit. How well does Matt know Tiffany? Find out here:

Hopefully, your mom wasn't listening, Tiffany!

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