Have you heard of The Original Belmar Tiki Boat? There’s a floating tiki experience you can book in Belmar and it looks like the perfect way to spend your time at the Jersey Shore.

This giant tiki cruise that sets sail on the Belmar Marina can hold all of the friends and booze you could possibly imagine. I saw them posting on TikTok and let me tell you, these tiki tours look like the most fun attraction down at the Jersey Shore.


On their website, you can choose from a 2-hour private cruise, a 3-hour private cruise or of course a 1-and-a-half-hour public cruise.

Based on their TikToks it looks like there’s a brand new Belmar Tiki Boat that can host up to 30 people on 1 ride which is absolutely insane. Before I found the Belmar Tiki Boat, my biggest concern with these types of things is the bathroom situation.

The best news is the boat is fully equipt with a bathroom on board, so you don’t need to be afraid to book those 3-hour booze cruise trips! The boat is BYOB, so you can bring whatever drinks you’d like as long as there isn’t any glassware involved.

You can also bring different foods on board as well. The best part about this tiki boat that sets it aside from others like it, you can bring kids along!

So bring your friends, your family and pack the drinks because this tiki boat is setting sail from the Belmar Marina! You can find more info on their website, here!

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