One of my favorite events to go to is Comic Con in New York City! It's a day full of all things entertainment, comics, cosplay, video games, collectibles and more. I have learned a few things the hard way, especially my first time attending Comic Con as a newbie. Now that I have been going for the last few years I can pass on some tips to make the day go smoother and more enjoyable.

- Bring A Backpack

It will be your storage for snacks, all your cool purchases and some freebies that you'll get throughout the day.

- Bring Snacks and Water

You can buy food and drinks inside the Javits Center, but it doesn't hurt to bring snacks in your backpack. I usually bring (sealed) water and some granola bars to help me power through before and after eating lunch.

- Layer

I don't do cosplay, but it's always a good reminder to dress in layers. Bring a sweater or hoodie. I will tell you it does get warm walking around, but it can get cool at night.

- Get There Early

The early bird gets the worm, and access to the show floor. If you plan your day right you will see everything you want, visit your favorite guests, and attend the panels you want. There are usually lines for panels and screenings. Getting there early will up your chances of getting a seat so you don't miss out.

- Make Sure You Have Storage On Your Phone

If you're like me, you will take so many pictures and videos throughout the day at Comic Con, and the last thing you want to see is that you ran out of storage. The cosplay you'll see is amazing. Plus you never know who you will see or run into. Last year, The Weeknd was there to promote his Marvel comic book, "Starboy." Can you imagine running out of room on your phone and not getting a pic?

- Bring A Cell Phone Charger

Use a portable cell phone charger. It will come in handy so you're not plugged into the wall when you could be walking around having fun! This year I'm using a cool Marvel charger I got as a gift.

- The Javits Center Offers Free WiFi

I have heard stay away from free WiFi because it may not be secure, but there is WiFi to use there.

- Bring An Item To Get Signed

So many artists that have worked on your favorite comics may be attending Comic Con and you may get the opportunity to have something signed for free. Some artists will sign one comic or collectible for free, but make sure you check with them (not all signatures and pictures are free). A couple years ago, I met one of the creators of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld, and he signed a Deadpool comic for me.

- Wear Comfortable Shoes

There will be walking. Lots of walking. You will feel like a zombie from "The Walking Dead" at the end of the day. Wear sneakers or running shoes.

- Have Fun

Make friends, be nice, explore, and have an awesome time because New York Comic Con only comes around once a year!

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