Comic conventions have so much more than just comics and vendors. They have artists, celebrity panels, cosplayers and everything else a comic, video game, and sci-fi fan would want under one roof. I have been to New York Comic Con, but San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is the original and the biggest one. One day I'd love to go! The best part of these conventions are the exclusive sneak peeks and trailers they show at panels. I read on Philly Voice that this year at SDCC, Philadelphia was represented not once but twice during two new trailers.

According to the Philly Voice article I was reading the first trailer to put a spotlight on Philly was the trailer for the new M. Night Shyamalan movie, "Glass." A lot of M. Night Shyamalan's movies have taken place in or around Philly, so it was cool to see it continue in this new trailer!

Here's also the "Glass" panel from SDCC

The second tie to Philly at SDCC is courtesy of the new animated show, "Disenchantment." It's a new Netflix show from the creator of "The Simpsons" that feature's Main Line native actress, Abbi Jacobson. She's known for creating and starring in "Broad City" on Comedy Central. "Disenchantment" already looks like it's going to be my new favorite show because it's like a "Game Of Thrones"/fairy tale version of "The Simpsons."

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