The Grinch has become so popular in the last couple of years.

He was always so popular in movies, but to make memories with pictures, the Grinch has become a very popular Christmas character. Just try not to love him.

getty images, getty stock, thinkstock
getty images, getty stock, thinkstock

So, when I hear the Grinch will be making a pit stop in Ocean County, I have to tell you about it. The Grinch is coming to Ocean County is just a couple of weeks.

Where and When will the Grinch be in Ocean County?

The Grinch is coming to the Ocean County Mall in Toms River. He'll arrive with a lot of happiness at Popstars Popcorn a store inside the mall.

Save the date and grab some popcorn Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 from 12 pm - 2 pm. 

The Grinch will be meeting a greeting people with holiday cheer and treats. This is cool, Popstars Popcorn will be doing photos with the Grinch for $5 and the pictures will be emailed to you.

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I'm sure it will be packed, Popstars is asking for only one shot of the family with the Grinch. It is FREE to see the Grinch and to meet him. Pictures and popcorn are extra.

Popstars Popcorn specializes in all kinds of delicious flavored gourmet popcorn. You will love their popcorn.

Popstars Popcorn is located near the Boscov's entrance and the Food Court at the Ocean County Mall.

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