The new Mr. Rogers movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, has hit theaters and of course the movie would have NJ connection.

Tom Hanks, who stars in the movie as the popular children TV show host, Mr. Rogers obviously dressed the part of the character.

If you've ever watched the show, you know what dressing the part means ... you have to rock his signature sweaters.

This is where our NJ connection comes in.

Maplewood, NJ native, Yasemin Esmek, was chosen to knitting his sweaters for the movie.

How cool is that gig.

To make these sweaters Yasemin had to do a little homework to get the look down and according to here's a little history behind the famous handmade sweaters, "The original sweaters were hand-knit by Rogers’ mother, who would give her son a new one every Christmas, according to the Post. In order to copy them, Esmek said she had to make them imperfect — and account for the weight Hanks lost in order to play the role."

By the way Tom Hanks loved them.

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