The Holiday season is here, which means tis the season of giving back. If you’re looking for a way to pay it forward this year, look no further. Burlington County’s Toys for Tots needs your help! If you’ve been thinking about that box of toys in your basement and what to do with them this is the perfect opportunity to reduce that clutter and give back to people in need.

According to News12, Burlington County’s Toys for Tots is struggling to help the thousands of families in need due to the effects of COVID. County coordinator, Gina Capate, even said in the 19 years she’s been a part of Toys for Tots, this year is definitely the hardest. Last year Burlington County’s Toys for Tots were able to give toys to 20,000 families but this year so far, they only have enough for 16,000. Capate says that’s even with using every last toy they have down to the drop, including stocking stuffer items. The pandemic has also increased the number of families in need due to loss of jobs, and more.

Not only was COVID an issue in that toy donations are at a low and businesses were not able to host toy drives, but there was also a flood. According to news12, Burlington County’s Toys for Tots lost nearly $5,000 worth of toys that were completely unsalvageable. The organization has called for emergency donations to service the families still on the waiting list.

News12, says the organization is currently most in need for toys for 0-2-year-olds and 9-12-year-olds. But they will certainly take anything you have to help them for this holiday season.


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