It's hard to believe, but the holiday season is almost here, and that means local families will need support. In fact, there's expected to be more demand than ever for those in our area, as families continue to struggle to make ends meet.

Plus, if you're looking to host a toy drive with your school, business, or community organization, reach out to our friends at Toys for Tots of West Trenton for more details.

They'll help you get started with boxes and everything you need to help collect toys for local kids in our area. Here's a collection of information you may need:

In 2020, Toys for Tots of West Trenton, NJ distributed 19,546 toys, supporting 13,953 kids right here in Mercer County. That's incredible! Click here to learn more about all that Toys for Tots is doing in our area. 

Plus, 94.5 PST will be partnering with Toys for Tots for the 2021 season. We'll have more details on where you can come to see us and support Toys for Tots of West Trenton, NJ soon.

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