It has just been announced that the long standing Trenton Catholic Academy will officially close down in June. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the financial effects it had on the school, officials had no other option. This closure follows a long list of other religious schools in New Jersey that had to close its doors.

“Unfortunately, the growing cost of providing a quality, innovative education has consistently outpaced tuition and fundraising income, leaving [Trenton Catholic Academy] with a $2 million deficit each year and a cumulative need for $24 million in financial support over the past 12 years,” the Diocese of Trenton said in a statement.

Trenton Catholic Academy had a "special fund" that was saved in case of emergencies. The fund had been completed wiped out from trying to stay afloat over the years and especially during the pandemic. According to, another reason the school is closing is because many families were unable to pay tuition due to person financial troubles.

“The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a serious blow to families’ abilities to afford tuition and to strategic plans that had aimed to increase revenue,” Diocese of Trenton said. “As a result, the Diocese of Trenton has regretfully accepted the recommendation of TCA president Michael Knowles that the Upper and Lower Schools -- which together educate some 550 students -- should close this coming June.”

All TCA students will be able to attend Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville or any other Catholic elementary schools in the area.


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