The coronavirus pandemic has changed lots of aspects of our daily life. Especially when it comes to going out to eat at restaurants. Not to mention as the temperature starts to drop and outdoor seating seems less and less ideal. Recently a restaurant in Morristown New Jersey found a way to make outdoor seating work even in the colder seasons! According to abc7, Fig & Lily Garden, a contemporary Mediterranean restaurant, has implemented heated plastic igloos to their outdoor dining.

The igloos provide a way for the restaurant to stay in business and remain in cooperation with safe social distance regulations. The igloos have two windows and a door that is left open to allow the air to flow throughout the igloo. But don’t forget, they are heated! So, you’ll still be nice and warm while enjoying the privacy of your own plastic igloo!

  According to abc7, the owner of Fig & Lily Garden, Ramazan Taylan, said “We want to keep our business, but we also want to make sure we can guarantee the safety of our clients.” She also stated that they take great pride in providing great service at their restaurant and hope for people to feel comfortable coming out to support the small business and remain safe. If these igloos turn out to be as successful as they sound, other restaurants might follow suit and who knows maybe heated plastic igloos will becoming the new winter outdoor dining norm. One thing is for sure, these igloos will definitely make for an awesome Instagram moment.



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