A certain Trenton, NJ furry resident is the talk of the town right now after being saved from a sewer.

A tiny cat was found stuck inside of the sewer just this past Sunday. It happened just outside Capital Health Regional Medical Center when a nurse heard a faint squeaking sound coming from the sewer in the back of the building.

When the nurses went to take a closer look, they had seen the kitten and immediately got to work on getting it to safety.

According to 6 ABC, the entire procedure of getting this cat to safety took 15 people in total. There were trauma nurses, EMTs, technicians, and security officers all coming to the rescue of the kitten who was trapped.

It apparently took two hours to open up the sewer grate and get down inside the rescue the kitten.

They used their resources to try and bribe him to come out and they said cat food and turkey did the trick.

A few of the hospital workers actually got inside the sewer to rescue the poor kitten.

Nurse Practitioner Lauren O’Donnell, who posted the video above, climbed inside the sewer and handed off the scared kitten to trauma nurse Heather Hendrickson.

They wrapped the kitten in a towel and handed him off to nurse practitioner Celeste Shamma.

They named the sweet little kitten “Trent” because he was found in Trenton, of course. Trent was quickly taken to his forever home with a nurse who works at the hospital and her two kids.

These healthcare workers selflessly jumped to the rescue and made this story a happy ending for Trent.

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