A Trenton Police Detective gave back to the community where he works and lives, by coming to the aid of one of his neighbors in the capital city, according to Peterson's Breaking News of Trenton.

Detective Corey McNair is leading by example. In this time of unrest, following George Floyd's murder by a police officer, we all need to recognize that we're equal and do our best to be kind and respectful to everyone around us from now on.

Detective McNair knew his neighbor in West Trenton needed help. She's 95 years old, and unable to care for her property any longer. It had become overgrown and getting worse by the day. So, what did the busy detective do? He put his own needs aside and sprung into action. He posted his need for help for his neighbor on social media, and the results were amazing.

Within a couple of days, Detective McNair raised $1000, and also recruited 25 people to help with the clean up. Amazing. Twenty five people volunteered to take time out of their busy schedules to help a neighbor, a stranger to many of them. Wow. This is what needs to keep happening, everywhere. We should help one another, not hate one another.

The volunteers came out in full force, ready to help, on Sunday morning. What an awesome sight.

“When the POWER of LOVE, overcomes the LOVE of POWER, the world will know PEACE!” I would like to thank everyone who showed up yesterday to help clean out my 95 year old neighbors backyard in West Trenton! In 72 hours we raised over $1000.00, and gathered more than 25 volunteers to assist in cleaning!  # I AM TRENTON," Detective McNair said.

Thank you, Detective McNair, for caring.



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