Trenton Thunder baseball game at Arm & Hammer Park, then you've seen adorable furry friends on the field retrieving bats from the Thunder batters. Those adorable furry friends are apart of a wonderful tradition that has given the Thunder much attention from all over Major League Baseball. The Trenton Thunder has had
three bat dogs since the year 2000 and the most current bat pup's name is Rookie. I have had many opportunities to interact with this sweet pup, as well as his Dad, Derby (who passed away in January) over the 7 years that I've worked at PST and let me say, they are the greatest! Rookie has become so popular that he now has
his own Twitter! You bet as soon as I found out I followed him!

You'll get to see tons of updates about Rookie, like the ones below, like pictures with fans, Thunder players from the past and the present, as well action shots from the game! Give this adorable pup a follow! He deserves it!

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