Apparently, there are TWO different answers for today’s Wordle puzzle.

I gotta warn you we have some spoilers posted below. So if you haven’t played yet today, look away.

But if you have played today, you may have had a different answer than your peers in your group chat that you send your score to every day. So read on.

And, yes, if you'll recall this has happened before, so we’re not too surprised at this point. 

Some users say they got the word “HARRY,”  while others reportedly have today’s word as “STOVE.”

But like, seriously, how am I supposed to compete with my friends under this kind of pressure?

And, by the way, I gotta admit: Harry isn’t even a real word for Wordle, right?

So this has happened before if you'll recall. There were two different answers for Wordle last minute (shortly after the NY Times took over). At least on that day, however, the puzzles shared many of the same letters. Those two puzzles were "agora" and "aroma."

Today's puzzles don't even share ANY letters. How does that even work out this way, right?

The NY Times has not weighed in on today's puzzles yet. Though, we've seen a lot of tweets this morning where users have asked them what's up with this puzzle snafu.

For what it's worth on both my cell phone and desktop game today, I got the puzzle of "STOVE," which by way, initially took me 4 guesses today. It felt like it was too obvious of a choice. Has Worlde gotten a little easier again?

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