Are you obsessed with the game Wordle? I bet you I would smoke you with this word game.

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I play this game every single day and have gotten pretty darn good at it.

The premise of the game is simple: you have six guesses to correctly type in the 5-letter Wordle word of the day.

It is addicting and they even allow you to share it on your social media accounts or with other contacts to see who got which words in how many guesses.

The competition amongst my sisters and I has gotten intense to say the least.

I'm not surprised people are obsessed.

According to, the New York Times purchased the rights to Wordle for a whopping $1,000,000!!

Yowza. I bet you it has already paid off because now other games based off of Wordle have started to hit the web.

One of them, which was recently shown to me by a friend, is at least four times more challenging than the original Wordle.

You think you can handle this new challenge?

Then I double dog dare you to give this game a try:

Wordle Enthusiasts Will Love A More Challenging Version Of The Game

Do you love wordle? Introducing Quordle...

My daily run is to play Wordle as a warm up and then I take on Quordle to see if I have it in me.

Your life will never be the same're welcome.

P.S. No dictionaries. No googling. NO Cheating.

Good luck.

Imagine a version of Wordle specifically geared toward New Jersey?! That would be so cool.

Try these:

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