This is so exciting for the state of New Jersey! We have to young men representing us in the Titan Games, and they just advanced to the semi-finals!. Kara Lazauskas and Brad Schaeffer weren't the only New Jerseyans competing in NBC's show. However, as of Thursday Feb. 14, they were the two who made it to the next round.

It took them conquering the Mount Olympus” obstacle to earn their spot. The semi-fianls will be next Thursday February 21, and the two winners that night will advance to the finals! And up for grabs is a prize of $100,000!— one for the top male Titan and one for the top female.

Fingers crossed that our fellow New Jersey residents will be able to bring home that trophy. Both of them! For them to even be in the semi-finals is a HUGE deal. Get this. About 100,000 athletes across the nation applied for be on the inaugural season of this show. Only 64 of them were selected after they had to try out during an NFL-style combine. During that skills showdown their strength, endurance, speed and more were tested.

So good luck to Kara and Brad. We'll be rooting for you!!


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